Sunday, December 30, 2012

when i was starting my tattoo practice i was looking for the cheap supplies. i wanted to train lot before actually tattooing someone. so i found this cheap ink on EBay named DragonHawk
You will still see this image on ebay.
Ok lets get back to the point. i practiced about 5 months, then i did a tattoo on one of my friends. it looked pretty good when i finish the tattoo.

wait,,, After 3 weeks, the black lines faded and it was pretty hard to notice the black ink..
And my friend had pimple like things on his skin.

ohh.. i really want to let you know this. the ink is vary thin and comes out like water.
So Please.. never ever buy this cheap tattoo ink..NEVER.. This is worst tattoo ink you can find. there was a glass ball inside this ink bottle too. dont buy this tattoo ink.

There are some good Chinese Cheap tattoo ink available. They work great. but avoid this ink at all cost!!

Good Luck with your tattooing career!!