Sunday, December 30, 2012

when i was starting my tattoo practice i was looking for the cheap supplies. i wanted to train lot before actually tattooing someone. so i found this cheap ink on EBay named DragonHawk
You will still see this image on ebay.
Ok lets get back to the point. i practiced about 5 months, then i did a tattoo on one of my friends. it looked pretty good when i finish the tattoo.

i have done couple of other tattoos with the  dragonhawk ink also. the colors are ok. i tried other colors also. the ink is pretty good as i see it. its cheap. and still do the job.

after 3 years still the tattoos are in good look. since i did almost all the tattoos free for my friends i sometimes get to see them time to time. this may not be the best tattoo ink, and yet it still works well.  i choose their ink because i cannot ask for big money from people. so i cannot pay lots of money to inks which are very expensive. however the ink did the job.

 i later found out that they are selling tattoo kits also. i cannot tell much about the machines their selling, because almost all the machines from china is not going to last for a long time. inks are ok.  if you are buying these ink make sure you buy it from good rated seller or a good website.

Good Luck with your tattooing career!!